Will Your Leadership Go the Extra Mile for Your P2P Program?

When climbers began their ascent of Toronto’s CN Tower in April to raise money for WWF Canada, they stood alongside 9,000 athletes and passionate supporters.

But there was one participant who carried a special title up each of the 1,776 steps to the top of Toronto’s tallest landmark — David Miller, WWF Canada’s president and CEO.

Many top executives talk a good game when it comes to supporting the P2P programs at their organizations. But Miller was willing to go the extra mile to show his support for his team — and to give thanks those who are willing to raise money for the organization.

“He felt that it’s important as a leader to step up, as you will, and show that the organization supports the event,” said Carey Suleiman, WWF Canada’s Director of Community Giving. “Having the organization’s leadership be willing to put their tennis shoes behind it really resonated with a lot of the people who took part in the climb.”

Miller’s participation was one of many highlights of this year’s climb. Fundraising revenue totaled $1.4 million — a healthy jump from the $1.225 million raised in 2016 and a record for the event.

And for an event that is attractive to corporate fundraising teams, Suleiman said Miller’s support carries an especially powerful message — a message that is likely to resonate as they organization seeks to attract climbers for its 2018 event.

“Joining thousands of Canadians climbing 1,776 steps to the top of the Tower is an incredible experience,” Miller says. “I can’t overstate the energy, the enthusiasm and the unity of purpose as we all joined together, right here in Toronto, to raise money to stop the degradation of nature.”