Learn the Secrets of Canada’s Fastest-Growing P2P Campaign

Original Broadcast Date: April 13, 2016

For Blue Sea Philanthropy, successful P2P fundraising campaigns aren’t about money. They are about community.

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Successful campaigns do more than raise money — they bring people together around a shared experience to advance an important cause. This approach has helped Blue Sea Philanthropy’s Coldest Night of the Year campaign become Canada’s fastest-growing P2P fundraising campaign. According to P2P Fundraising Canada’s first-ever survey of Canada’s largest P2P campaigns, Coldest Night saw its fundraising revenue increase by a whopping 62 percent to more than $2.5 million in 2014. And that rapid growth has continued. Blue Sea estimates the final tally for its recently completed 2016 Coldest Night will be more than $3.85 million.

Listen in on an exclusive conversation with Blue Sea CEO Brain Carney, who will share how his organization has built a campaign that offers a great model for Canadian charities of all sizes.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop multi-city campaigns that engage local communities and promote learning across organizations.
  • Build corporate partnerships across multiple communities.
  • Create unique experiences that delight participants and inspire them to come back again and again.

About the Speaker:

Brian Carney is chief executive officer of Blue Sea Philanthropy in Kitchener, Ontario. Since 2010, Blue Sea, a registered Canadian charity, has helped more than 300 organizations raise more than $10 million through events such as Coldest Night of the Year and The Ride for Refuge.

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