Ice Bucket Scorecard: Canadians Gave More Than U.S. Neighbors

15116814611_d4470a74bb_hThe Ice Bucket Challenge might have gotten its start in the U.S., but when it comes to giving per capita, Canadians gave more, per person, than their neighbors south of the border.

In a new report on how ALS Societies of Canada is spending the more than $17-million windfall it achieved through 2014’s viral peer-to-peer fundraiser, Macleans noted that Canadians proved to be particularly generous during the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“Canada punched well above its weight relative to the U.S.—despite having a population 10 times greater than Canada on which to draw, the American ALS Association’s haul was just seven times larger,” the report notes.

The story also says that as much as $10-million raised through the Challenge could get pumped into a series of cutting-edge research projects by the end of 2015. By comparison, the organization has never offered more than $2-million in research grants in any previous year.