Office Hours Webinar Recording: Boost Fundraising Activation 10% with These Proven Digital Strategies

Original Broadcast Date: July 9, 2019

Learn from fundraiser activation strategies directly from one of the peer-to-peer fundraising world’s top experts.

Mandy O’Neill, chief strategist for Connected NonProfit, will take your questions during the latest in a series of Office Hours webinars.

These highly-interactive quarterly sessions put you directly in touch with peer-to-peer fundraising experts who share a short presentation on a highly engaging topic and then spend the bulk of the hour answering your questions.

Speaker Profile:
Mandy O’Neill, chief strategist of Connected NonProfit
Mandy creates tools and shares insider secrets that give you confidence that you’re doing the right marketing at the right time to hit your event revenue goals.

Her specialty?

She takes the pain and mystery out of participant recruitment and retention for peer to peer fundraising events so you’re not “starting over” every year to recruit for your events.

Mandy’s approach is backed by science and testing, so you get the “aha” of why it works and can use her proven data to help sell your ideas internally too. Her refreshing tips on online marketing have been featured in Forbes, Public Affairs Council, Boost Blog Traffic, and the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

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