Launch Your First P2P Campaign: How to Get Fundraising Results

This post is the third in a 3 part series for small to medium-sized charities launching their first peer-to-peer fundraising event.

iStock_000018832333Largeby Cindy Younan, CanadaHelps

When planning and launching your first peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising event, there can be many moving parts and unknowns. The good news is there’s a lot that can be done well in advance to ensure it’s a success. With the right preparation and strategy, you can set your charity up for great fundraising results. Here are three tips to help get you there:

Engage and Empower Your Fundraisers
Your fundraisers are your key to fundraising success. Your job is to empower your fundraisers with the tools, incentives, information, inspiration and motivation they need to confidently approach their networks and raise money for your cause. You need to invest time and effort into maintaining engagement because this area can ultimately make or break you.

First, provide your fundraisers with a place online where they can access ideas for Facebook and Twitter messages, email templates, shareable photos and videos, fundraising tips, social media banners and avatars that promote your event, a FAQs page, etc.

In addition, send them messages of support each time they hit an important milestone to keep them motivated and to let them know you’ve noticed their hard work. Make sure you follow your fundraisers on social media and share and/or like their posts. It’s about keeping your relationships strong, after all.

Ask your fundraisers to donate to their own pages, even if it’s a small amount. If you have many fundraisers, these small amounts can go a long way. Plus, their own networks are more likely to donate the closer they are to reaching the goal.

Build Momentum and a Sense of Urgency
There are several ways to maintain momentum throughout your campaign. Ask a sponsor to match donations for a period of time – donors are more likely to donate when they know their dollars are going further. Alternatively, ask a sponsor to donate a prize that you can give away to a lucky fundraiser that raises a minimum amount. Offering exciting incentives and rewards will push fundraisers to keep working hard.

Also, share statistics of your current progress to get people excited at the probability of reaching the fundraising goal and don’t forget to include a countdown until the big event. Break your goal into bite-sized, attainable pieces like, “If every fundraiser brings in just $50 dollars more, we’ll reach our goal!”

To create a sense of urgency, send your fundraisers a countdown/progress email 1 month before, 2 weeks before, 7 days before and 72 hours before the deadline. Your subject line should be something that will grab attention.

Remind people what reaching the goal will do for the people your organization helps. Rephrase your goal in different terms that demonstrate the impact reaching it will make.

In addition, some healthy competition in the lead up to the event can be fun and build momentum. Get creative on how to do this with your chosen event type. For example, in the case of an athletic type event, you can add in fun aspects like a training tracker that allows everyone to see each other’s progress.

Send Memorable and Fun Communications
There was something that made your supporters donate or fundraise for your charity. It may have been something outside of your control like a unique experience or an affected family member, but often it can be a story, speech, video, or advertisement that inspires someone to get involved. Keep producing those kinds of communications during your event in order to hook supporters and keep the ones you have. You also want to make sure that those who go above and beyond for your organization are properly supported with special, personalized communications.

Videos and photos from the preparations for the event, the event itself, and your charity’s work can be some of the most impactful and meaningful communications between you and your supporters so share, share, share!

Most importantly, say ‘thank you’ more than anything, at every chance you get!

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