How to Use Email to Fire Up Your Fundraisers

You know the drill.

People sign up to take part in one of your programs with every intention of raising big bucks, but then life happens. They get distracted and, suddenly, it’s event day and they’ve hardly raised a dollar.

To change that pattern, fundraising guru Mandy O’Neill has a simple piece of advice: Give them a helpful nudge when they’re most likely to act.

People are most likely to start raising money right after they register for your event. That’s when they are most excited and engaged, said O’Neill, chief strategist for Connected Nonprofit

But here’s the kicker: you have to capture that energy before it wanes.

To do that, O’Neill recommends creating five automated emails that get sent to every new registrant over the course of eight days in the following sequence:

Day 1 — An instant welcome email

Day 2 — A prompt to self-donate

Day 4 — A script that shows them what to say when they fundraise

Day 6 — A sample fundraising email they can send to friends, family, and co-workers

Day 8 — A prompt to post on social media, with a suggested post and image

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