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Revolutionize Your Fundraising with Corporate Matching Gifts: A Conversation with LLS

Corporate matching gifts are an often overlooked opportunity to exponentially increase revenue raised in peer-to-peer fundraising events. In this webinar, you’ll get a broad overview of the different types of corporate philanthropy followed by a deep dive on the mechanics of matching gifts.

Creating Winning Virtual Programs In The COVID-19 Era

Charity Dynamics’ Sue Dalos kicks our program off with a checklist of strategies and tactics for alternative peer-to-peer fundraising channels to have the best chance of succeeding.

Managing COVID-19’s Impact On Your Peer-to-Peer Programs
How should your organization react to the COVID-19 outbreak? Postpone, cancel or move ahead? Go virtual? What impact will COVID-19 have on your 2020 revenues? How should you best communicate with supporters? Armed with a new Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum survey of top program executives and an expert panel, we’ll share news on what is happening in the field and gain insights into how to attack this major challenge.

Creating a Successful GivingTuesday P2P Campaign

GivingTuesday – the massive one-day effort to encourage people to give to charity – has become an annual phenomenon. And while GivingTuesday 2020 is still nearly a year away, the most successful GivingTuesday campaigns require a year-round effort.


Does Your P2P Event Create a Lasting Impact?

The P2P landscape is undergoing significant change. Events are still the cornerstone of P2P but the types of, and reasons for, giving around those events is changing. Learn how mobile tech from Grassroots Unwired has enabled events like Ride for Roswell to create a stellar experience for event participants and volunteers and save significant staff resources along the way.



Build a Successful DIY Program From Scratch

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation did not have a formal peer-to-peer fundraising program prior to launching its start-up do-it-yourself campaign, Capes for Kids, in 2017.

But even with a modest program budget and a limited staff, the hospital has been able to build Capes for Kids into a highly successful campaign.


Office Hours Webinar Recording: Boost Fundraising Activation 10% with These Proven Digital Strategies


Mandy O’Neill, chief strategist of Connected NonProfit creates tools and shares insider secrets that give you confidence that you’re doing the right marketing at the right time to hit your event revenue goals.

Her specialty? She takes the pain and mystery out of participant recruitment and retention for peer to peer fundraising events so you’re not “starting over” every year to recruit for your events.

Creating a DIY Complement to a Signature Program


The growth of Covenant House’s signature Sleep Out program was being limited by the physical need to host the events at Covenant House sites and high fundraising minimums. With the creation of Sleep Out America, a DIY version of the program, the group found itself with an acquisition and fundraising success! Get the story of how to accomplish this from Covenant House’s Colleen Veldt and Ashley Larkin from the DonorDrive team.


Success Strategies: North America’s Fastest-Growing P2P Campaigns

Peer-to-peer campaigns throughout the United States and Canada saw strong results in 2018, according to the annual P2P Fundraising Thirty survey. But for a select group of organizations, revenues have been growing at a particularly robust rate.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Dance Marathon and Extra Life campaigns, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival, and SickKids Foundation’s GetLoud have been posting extraordinary results — and are expecting to continue to post strong revenue growth in 2019 and beyond. How do they do it?


Revolutionize Your P2P Fundraising with Corporate Matching Gifts: A Conversation with LLS

Matching corporate gifts are an often overlooked opportunity to exponentially increase revenue raised in peer-to-peer fundraising events. In this webinar, you’ll get a broad overview of the different types of corporate philanthropy followed by a deep dive on the mechanics of matching gifts. Learn more about effective ways to market matching gifts to donors and how to successfully integrate matching gifts into your peer-to-peer fundraising events.


Put Streaming Video Fundraising to Work for You

Charities are raising millions by streaming video influencers who attract audiences that range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Learn how to get your share of this fast-growing form of P2P fundraising from Twitch’s Alyssa Sweetman, Direct Relief’s Kevin Molloy, and Tiltify’s Michael Wasserman

Office Hours Webinar Recording: Recruitment with Jillian Stewart, Founder and CEO, Peerworks Consulting

Recruiting valuable peer-to-peer fundraising program participants will be the focus of our first Office Hours session led by Jillian Stewart, the founder and CEO of Peerworks Consulting.

Are you having trouble hitting recruitment targets for your P2P program? Or are you curious how to take your participation numbers to a whole new level? Then bring your questions (and your curiosity!) to this session.

Jillian will kick-off the hour sharing a few models that her consultancy uses to diagnose recruitment issues. Then, she will spend the rest of the time answering your most burning (and maybe even wacky?!) recruitment questions.

Build Community First & the Peer to Peer Fundraising Will Follow

Community organizations have been intimidated by peer to peer fundraising in the past, thinking that it is only a feasible option for large scale organizations. Sunrise Association started off with just 1 walk in 2006 and has refined its strategy to expand and increase revenue year-over-year. Join Sunrise Association’s Vice President of Events, Aileen to learn how Sunrise went from two walks to five in a matter of years, and how its peer-to-peer fundraising strategy plays an important role in its overall fundraising efforts.
Increase Your Retention Rates With Better Event Experiences

It’s hard to attract people to take part in your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

It’s even harder to keep them coming back.

But it can be done if you create events that stand out and make your participants feel special.

Hear from leaders at Autism Speaks and the March of Dimes who will share field-proven techniques for creating experiences that resonate with supporters.


Coaching for Impact

An effective email coaching program is critical to the fundraising success of your participants – and we’ve got the data to prove just how much of a difference it makes. We’ve reviewed the impact that receiving coaching emails make for some of the nation’s largest event programs and we’re ready to share what we’ve learned.

We’ll cover the impact that compelling coaching makes on participants updating personal pages, sending emails, making personal donations and how that translates into rockstar fundraisers! Finally we will dig into strategies for making sure participants sign-up for and stay on your email list so they can receive effective coaching throughout the event season.



Streaming for Good

Nonprofit supporters are streaming and have already raised over $75 million through Twitch alone.

So, what’s your streaming strategy?



Partner Like the Pros! Tips & Strategies for Amazing Corporate Partnerships

Ever wondered how some fundraisers nail corporate partnerships again and again? Now’s your chance to learn how they do it. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of combining amazing corporate partnerships with peer-to-peer fundraising! You’ll learn strategies that will help you identify potential partners, work with them to boost registrations and participation, and more.


Leveraging Corporate Partnerships to Multiply the Impact of #GivingTuesday Fundraisers

#GivingTuesday is now one of the largest global days of giving, with over $300 million donated to hundreds of nonprofits last year and projections of even larger participation in 2018. How can Peer-to-Peer programs and fundraisers tap into this annual giving day to boost their organization’s holiday giving season?

Cause Marketing expert, Michele Egan of For Momentum, will lead a robust discussion on engaging corporate partners and using the latest technology to multiply your organization’s #GivingTuesday fundraising efforts. Joining the conversation will be Shannon Malloy, Development and Operations Manager, Cure JM and Nick McWherter, Enterprise Success Manager, CrowdRise.

Generation Z – P2P Fundraising’s Next Frontier

Move over, millennials. A new generation is entering adulthood and is about to put its own unique stamp on peer-to-peer fundraising.

Generation Z — the moniker used to describe the generation of people born between the mid 1990s and mid 2000s — is starting to enter the work force in big numbers. And many Get Zers are distinctly different than the millennials who precede them.

Born during the explosion of the Internet, it is the first generation to have fully access to online and mobile tools during childhood and is now coming of age during a time of intense polarization and division.

Nonprofits that are looking to grow and adapt successful peer-to-peer programs are grappling with how to engage this new generation — and we’ve assembled an expert panel that will help demystify and shed light on what makes them tick.

Team Captain Confidential: Insights from a P2P Fundraising All-Star

Team captains are crucial to the success of proprietary peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. An excellent team captain can help recruit participants, push team members to raise money, and build camaraderie that inspires team members to come back from future events. The challenge, of course, is attracting strong captains and giving them the encouragement and resources they need to succeed. To help your nonprofit meet this challenge, we’ve enlisted one of North America’s best team captains to offer his advice on how to identify and empower all-star captains.


Engage with New (& Future) Generations of Fundraisers & Donors Through Livestreams

Learn how to activate and expand your current programs through livestream strategies with Tiltify CEO Michael Wasserman. Hear firsthand the strategies, tips and pitfalls of creating a livestream program (inside and outside of your organization) with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Zach Whitten, pioneer of the organization’s successful “Play Live” program.



The P2P Participant Profile

In today’s competitive peer-to-peer event market, data is king. In order to retain participants and attract right-fit corporate partners for your events, it is imperative to know and understand as much as possible about who your participants are. This webinar recording provides a strategic look into the average peer-to-peer participant, rooted in extensive data highlighted throughout the 2018 Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum conference.


P2P Mixtape – How to Make Your P2P Program a Hit

How we share music with others has changed dramatically since the days of the mixtape, but why we share music hasn’t changed a bit. We share because we want to build and strengthen connections with people and open their ears, eyes and hearts to things we believe are worth their time and attention. At the heart of Peer-to-Peer fundraising (P2P) the very same premise is true. Today, digital platforms have opened limitless (but sometimes overwhelming) opportunities for P2P participants and leaders to inform and engage others in the causes they care about. But like music sharing, the evolution of the digital space has empowered fundraisers to do so in new and exciting way.



Double Your P2P Fundraising Results by Telling the Right Stories

Stories raise more than twice as much as statistics alone, according to a Psychology of Giving study out of Stanford. And your peer-to-peer event emails are the perfect vehicle for telling those stories. Learn how to get more registrations and donations using storytelling in your peer-to-peer event emails. You’ll discover the four types of stories that convert into registrations and donations with Mandy O’Neill of ConnectedNonprofit. Mandy will also give you the proven “storytelling formula” that convinces people to take action – that you can use again and again for consistent results.


DIY Fundraising: Its Promise and Perils

Nonprofits across North America are experimenting with ways to inspire their supporters to create their own fundraising campaigns — and are investing in technology and marketing to make it easier for these do-it-yourself fundraisers to succeed. But recent research by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum has found that many nonprofits aren’t making the most prudent strategic decisions when they develop DIY campaigns. As a result, their programs are not reaching their full potential. Learn how to make the strategic decisions necessary to position your DIY program for success.



Setting Strategy In a Peer-to-Peer World

projectawareIn a networked world, setting fundraising strategy has become more dynamic than ever – the environment changes rapidly, and the techniques and messages that worked even a year ago have already lost their impact. Add on to that organizational goals that seem to increase every year – along with budgets that only get tighter and tighter – and the amount of change and flexibility we all need to muster can be daunting, not to mention exhausting. Watch now!


It’s A Mobile World: Increasing P2P Revenue Thru Apps

nkfP2P fundraisers want to engage with your organization when they want, where ever they are, and on their terms, but how do you know what those terms are? There is a lot of information available but it can be challenging to make sense of it all. In this webinar you will hear about current industry benchmarks for both Facebook and Mobile Fundraising Apps and learn how having a presence on these two channels can exponentially grow your event revenues. Watch now!


The social “secret weapon” peer-to-peer fundraisers need to talk about!
FrontStream Logo with tagline TMOne of the worst kept secrets in the nonprofit community is how many charitable organizations are seeing positive and measurable results from ad campaigns on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Sponsoring, promoting and boosting your call-to-action is a sophisticated way to reach the right supporters at the right time. Watch now!


Learn the Secrets of Canada’s Fastest-Growing P2P Campaign
Coldest Night LogoFor Blue Sea Philanthropy, successful P2P fundraising campaigns aren’t about money. They are about community. Join P2P Fundraising Canada for an exclusive conversation with Blue Sea CEO Brain Carney, who will share how his organization has built a campaign that offers a great model for Canadian charities of all sizes. Watch now!



Gifts Don’t Motivate Fundraisers
Turnkey_logo_solid_green_tagline_Final1Do you find that hard to swallow? Do you flat out disagree? Listen to Katrina VanHuss, Turnkey CEO, as she discusses this hot topic with Taly Fantini, Director of National Signature Events for ALS, and Otis Fulton, Turnkey psychologist. Watch now!



Bringing Back Your Best Fundraisers
PrintFor most peer-to-peer fundraising professionals, recruiting new participants isn’t the biggest challenge. It’s getting them to come back.  Listen in and pick up valuable lessons on retaining participants from the people behind the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s “brave the shave” events. Watch now!


10 Tips for Creating a Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Event

HockeyWatch the recording of our June 18 webinar featuring Hockey for the Homeless’ Ryan Baillie and Beyond’s Amy Milne, who share their Top 10 list of P2P fundraising event tips and tricks for fundraising success. Watch now!




Social Media Strategy for Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Program

Peter Panepento — the architect of The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s social-networking presence and content strategist for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada — discusses social-media best practices and explores some of the most effective P2P social-media campaigns.

Watch now!