Bringing Back Your Best Fundraisers

Original Broadcast Date: July 28, 2015

For most peer-to-peer fundraising professionals, recruiting new participants isn’t the biggest challenge. It’s getting them to come back.

Listen in and pick up valuable lessons on retaining participants from the people behind the St. Baldrick’s FPrintoundation’s “brave the shave” events.

This children’s cancer research organization has made an art of creatively engaging and recognizing participants that turns many into driven, multi-year supporters.

Knight of the Bald Table

Most notable is the League of Legendary Heroes program. To date, 2,200 supporters who’ve shaved their heads for seven years have been inducted into this elite club in public ceremonies that acknowledge their loyalty and passion for the cause. That group has raised nearly $21 million for St. Baldrick’s.

Don’t miss this one hour opportunity to learn how to:

  • Develop imagery and messages that inspire supporters to develop feelings of belonging and loyalty to your organization
  • Communicate with peer-to-peer fundraisers in ways that move them to act on your behalf again and again
  • Train and equip chapter staff or volunteers to create memorable experiences for participants before, during and after the fundraising event.


Vickie Lo Bello, Chief Development Officer, St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Jane Hoppen, Director of Family Relations, St. Baldrick’s Foundation

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