About Us

Canadians love to support a good cause. Whether it’s through participating in a fundraising walk or ride, climbing Toronto’s CN Tower, or playing in a road-hockey tournament, Canadians are doing more than ever before to raise money for their favorite charities.

12608106273_efda358a7a_kAt Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada our mission is simple: We want to help charities across Canada build peer-to-peer fundraising events that make the most of the country’s charitable spirit.

To do that, we offer a growing array of events, news, case studies, and data about and for Canadian peer-to-peer fundraising professionals.

Join us for the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference which features speakers from some of Canada’s most successful peer-to-peer programs, the release of a new research report that explores the state of peer-to-peer fundraising programs in Canada, and opportunities to network with other fundraisers from across the country.

Our conference and workshops, webinars, and online services provide access to practical information on producing more successful programs, valuable contacts and recognition for outstanding work

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada is an initiative of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum, which was launched in 2007 to support the professionals who manage peer-to-peer fundraising events that raise in excess of $1 billion a year for charities in the United States.

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