A Heart Transplant Survivor Rides for Charity

When Dave Allingham was waiting for a heart transplant that would save his life, he made a vow.

“I made a promise that if there was a family out there that gave me the unconditional gift of love — that donated their loved one’s heart — that I would spend the rest of my life giving back,” he told The Toronto Star.

Allingham isn’t backing away from his personal promise.

On Sunday, three years after receiving a transplant, Allingham took part in the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart, the annual 75-kilometer ride through Toronto that raises money for heart disease and stroke research. An estimated 14,000 riders, donors, volunteers, and sponsors took part in this weekend’s event.

One of the joys of working in peer-to-peer fundraising is seeing and hearing the inspiring stories of fundraisers and volunteers who overcome immense obstacles and have amazing personal journeys.

Allingham, who participated in his third fundraising ride, is a prime example of the spirit that drives the success of Canada’s peer-to-peer programs.

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