5 New Things Every Fundraiser Should Know

Summer is coming — and with it, you’ll hopefully have a chance to catch your breath between the hectic spring and busy fall event seasons.

Here are five things worth exploring during your down time:

Instagram’s Donation Sticker — Your campaign will soon have an opportunity to add Instagram to its social media toolkit. Instagram this month launched its new Donation Sticker feature, which allows users to attach attach a “Donation” button to their stories and connect money raised through the button to registered charities. For now, the feature is limited to a select number of nonprofits — but it likely won’t be long before your organization can leverage it for its own P2P campaigns.

Getting Your Fundraisers to Come BackA new report by Classy finds that peer-to-peer fundraising pages on its platform that are started by return fundraisers raised more than twice as much money on average as pages created by one-time fundraisers $501 vs. $222, respectively. But here’s the rub: only 14 percent of fundraisers returned for a second time. Luckily, we have some practical advice on how to get your fundraisers to come back.

Ideas for Your Next Campaign — Looking to reach a new audience with a new campaign? The ever-growing Big List of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising includes nearly 140 ideas for P2P campaigns. Our latest favorite? The “Don’t Talk-A-Thon”, in which supporters take an oath of silence to raise money for Project ALS.

Insights from Amsterdam — Peer-to-peer fundraising is growing quickly in the Netherlands — and new research from Peerworks Consulting includes some great lessons for fundraisers in North America. Learn more.

Building Better Corporate Partnerships — Cycle for Survival continues to set new records — reaching $42 million in revenues from more than 245,000 donors this year. Katie Klein, director of fundraising events for Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, will share how the series has been working with new corporate partners to help bolster its revenues in a webinar on June 13.